Spa prices

Body, mind and soul take a break.

Face and head

Facial lymphatic drainage
releases blockages.
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 35,-
Biorelease head massage
solves inner tension.
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 37,-
Ear candle treatment
Mode of action: Ear candles have a purely physical. A slight vacuum (chimney effect) and caused by the movement of the flame create a vibration of air in the ear candle act like a gentle drum massage. This leads to a feeling of pleasant warmth and a liberating pressure balance in the ears, forehead and sinuses. The application also has a relaxing and emotional centering.
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 38,-

Man grooms

... because the man has something no one else!

Pampering treatment
Combination of meridian brush massage, Chinese massage and aromatherapy massage.
 Dauer: ca. 80 Min.€ 96,-
Light and soft relaxation massage with vital essential oils, individually to be chosen..
Full body massageDauer: ca. 50 Min.€ 57,-
Back massageDauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 36,-
Hand care
Cream with exfoliating massage.
 Dauer: ca. 25 Min.€ 34,-
"Balance" - day for HIM
Facial treatment, facial massage, pedicure, manicure or alternatively an activating meridian brush massage.
 Dauer: ca. 150 Min.€ 159,-

Hand and foot care

Classic manicure
 Dauer: ca. 25 Min.€ 34,-
Intensive foot care
 Dauer: ca. 40 Min.€ 41,-
Foot reflexology
strengthened to improve organ and tissue function, effect physically.
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 35,-
Chinese foot zone massage
Special treatment of reflexology, suitable for dissolving blockages in restlessness and nervousness effect physically and mentally.
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 35,-

Gruber programs for women

"Balance" - day for HER
Classic facial treatment "all inclusive", intensive pedicure, Chinese foot massage, manicure with massage and polish.
 Dauer: ca. 180 Min.€ 199,-
"Balance Care" - 2-day pampering

Day 1
Classic facial treatment "all inclusive", facial massage, exquisite eye treatment with massage, eye concentrate with highly valuable, firming effect and eye pack, day make-up. (about 2 hours)

Day 2
Intensive pedicure with polish, chinese foot massage, manicure with massage and polish. (about 2 hours)

  € 223,-

Lazy days and silence – feel the relaxation and cosiness
Discover a small, light world in which all is about spa and well-being.
Unforgettable moments of the present. 

Please note that prior to a visit in the Spa on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays a registration and a booking of a spa treatment are required for day guests. Evening dates from 6pm are also possible even without a treatment. All entrance prices stated include VAT, free use of the thermal indoor pool and the outdoor pool as well as the relaxation area, sauna which can be used from 2pm, cosy bathrobe and towel

Day Spa according to your wishes, create your own wellness day according to your requirements. If you should have questions, we would be glad to support you at any time on 08531 957-0

Day Spa

Buffet breakfast from 7.30 to 10.30
Lunch salad buffet and delicious soups, a warm meal, dessert 12.30 to 14.00

One day ticket for thermal area in the new Holzapfel (an indoor swimming pool 34° with colour play, a large outdoor whirlpool with coloured light 35 °, cosy bathrobe and towels, tea, fruit juices and precious stone water in the wellness area included

per Person/Day € 59,-


Back treatment
Tension due to stress particularly in the neck, shoulder and head area are eased by pressure and sweeping motions.
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 36,-
Cupping massage oil
for better blood flow and oxygen supply
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 36,-
Alkaline full body massage
gently detoxifying
 Dauer: ca. 50 Min.€ 58,-
Activating meridian brush massage
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 36,-

Immerse yourself in a fragrant warm apple bath containing an emulsion of apple pieces, apple juice, apple cider vinegar and honey. The vitamins and trace elements contained therein regenerate, cleanse and protect the skin - suitable peeling especially for sensitive skin.

Following there is to relax the facial features a facial massage with apple essences and a full body massage with apple cream. This is truly natural relaxation!

 Dauer: ca. 90 Min.€ 101,-
Dorn / Breuss therapy
Spine up gently with subsequent Breuss massage.
 Dauer: ca. 60 Min.€ 69,-
Breuss massage
Gently stretch spine, intervertebral disc magnetize care, spine.
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 41,-

Pampering treatments from around the world

Ayurasan Body Special
The Ayurvedic full body treatment - 2-handed, we combine with the Ayurvedic head and face massage with a small forehead.
 Dauer: ca. 90 Min.€ 100,-
Ayurasan body
Ayurvedic full body treatment.
Spa experience for 2 peopleDauer: ca. 60 Min.€ 76,-
Ayurvedic head and face massage
Nourishes the scalp and hair.
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 41,-

Body cult in the hovering bed – soft package

African Baobab oil ritual & ayurveda

The baobab tree grows in Africa and is also known as “tree for living”. The baobab oil contains a lot of saturated and single non-saturated as well as multi non-saturated fat. Additionally, it contains a lot of vitamine A, D, E and non-saponifiable components. It nurture very dry skin, strengthens nails and hair and offers its natural UV-filter as sun protection.

Sea salt and oil scrub
strengthens the protective acid mantle, gently exfoliates and the oil gives your skin the right care needed. (20 - 30 min)
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 36,-
Night candle oil package
Absolute energising nurturing experience, supports dry skin, neurodermatitis and psoriasis.
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 47,-
Lavender milk oil bath
in the case of back problems, rheumatism and joint problems..
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 37,-

The prices are pure self-pay prices and do not meet the eligible contributions under the state aid rules of the federal government for remedies. Accounting of all funds possible.


Classic massage therapy
 Dauer: ca. 20 Min.€ 26,-
Partial body massage
 Dauer: ca. 20 Min.€ 26,-
Connective tissue massage
 Dauer: ca. 20 Min.€ 26,-
Full massage
 Dauer: ca. 40 Min.€ 48,-
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 38,-
 Dauer: ca. 45 Min.€ 52,-
 Dauer: ca. 60 Min.€ 68,-
Natural fango
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 34,-
Healing Earth
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 24,-


 Dauer: ca. 20 Min.€ 30,-
Medical training therapy
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 36,-
Sling table
 Dauer: ca. 20 Min.€ 26,-
Relaxation therapy
 Dauer: ca. 30 Min.€ 34,-


Carbonic acid bath
 Dauer: ca. 20 Min.€ 30,-
Thermal baths
 Dauer: ca. 20 Min.€ 30,-


 Dauer: ca. 10 Min.€ 12,-
 Dauer: ca. 10 Min.€ 12,-

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